We have built up many excellent relationships with our residential clients. In turn this has led to a lot of our work now coming through repeat business and recommendations.

Whether a new or existing client we always try to go the extra mile.

We also frequently work with some fantastic interior designers & building contractors who demand high standards for their clients, which we have no problem in delivering.

Being a skilled team we can get jobs done quickly and to an impeccable standard meaning we are a good choice for full house renovations or bespoke new build developments. Please see our Gallery page for examples of our previous work. We have experience in project managing large jobs which can be vital in delivering them on time and on budget.

We also have a good network of other trades and are happy to co-ordinate any other services that you might require.

We are brilliant at and specialise in: 

Interior preparation & painting

Proper preparation is the most important aspect of any decorating job and is absolutely vital to achieving a good finish. Thorough sanding, filling & caulking of surfaces is what makes the end results look stunning and stand the test of time.

Preparation used to be an extremely dusty job but we now have sanding machines which extract the majority of the dust & help minimise disruption to your home. Our prep work also often involves the removal of old wallpapers, making good walls then hanging preparatory papers such as lining paper.

We can then professionally apply the correct paints by brush, roller or spray to achieve a flawless finish for you. Our vast experience of using many different products also allows us to give you the best possible advice on the right materials for your project

Internal Preperation
Airless Spray Painting

Airless spray painting

We simply love to spray!

A spray finish is the best finish and wherever possible we will spray as much as we can. Spraying can achieve a near factory finish of pretty much any surface. Spraying can also be a lot faster than painting by brush & roller, this can be especially beneficial on a bigger jobs and/or when you have a tight timescale for your project.

We can spray finish ceilings, walls, standard woodwork (doors, frames, skirting boards windows etc.) and fitted furniture (wardrobes, kitchens, cabinets, etc.). If in doubt, please ask… we can probably spray it!

Painted Kitchens & Furniture

Another job which we have done for years & love to do!

We have experience of painting brand new bespoke kitchens & furniture freshly made by Joiners as well as existing kitchens & furniture that people have had in place for years. We can finish these by brush, roller or spray depending on preference.

This can be a great way to put years of life back into a tired looking but still fully functional kitchen/piece of furniture. Most old kitchens can be re-painted providing the correct cleaning/prep work is done and the correct primers are used. If in doubt then please just ask… there is a good chance that it can be done!


From £3.00 a roll to £500.00 a linear metre we have hung a lot of wallpapers. Wallpapering is a highly skilled job to get right and we are experts at it.

Every paper that we hang is treated with the utmost care & attention. We are meticulous in planning out where each length will drop, corners & edges are trimmed beautifully crisp and joints are near-impossible to identify; pick your perfect wallpaper and we can make your space look stunning!

Exterior preparation & painting

We specialise in restoring and re-painting wooden windows and doors, including sash windows. We also provide the full service for your exterior project including painting render, fascias, soffits, gutters pipes and metalwork.

We have been to countless jobs where ‘decorators’ have simply painted over rotten wood. If not repaired properly this will lead to further decay of the material and eventually windows & doors will need to be replaced, often at eye watering costs. If caught in time we can rescue your old sash windows and restore them to their former glory.

We know that prep is even more important on an exterior job as not only does it need to look great but everything needs to be dry & water tight in order to last. In most cases where we come acres rotten timbers we are able to bring them back to life using the REPAIR-CARE resin repair systemPlease see our gallery and social media pages for some examples of the results using this system.

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